Read to Resist: Weeks 23-25

Whether you’re sheltering in place or marching in the streets; creating art or teaching; parenting or healing, we urge you to read up and spread knowledge and solidarity to those around you.

We at C&R and at Pangea World Theater believe that cultural resistance to the profound violence around us (economic, military, racial, sexual etc) is imperative. Context, analysis and critical thinking are key elements to resisting injustice, as is the art that inspires, delights  and pushes us towards empathy and the creation of more humane and sustainable models for our communities and environment. Read to Resist is a curated bi-weekly reading/viewing/listening list to give us some of that context and inspiration. So whether you’re sheltering in place or marching in the streets; creating art or teaching;  parenting or healing, we urge you to read up and spread knowledge and solidarity to those around you.  


When Monuments Fall | by Kenan Malik The complicated and changing history of monuments in the United States

Ball Don’t Lie | by Jay Caspian Kang A deeper look at basketball culture and its impact on society 

“Wet Market” A Poem by Sally Wen Mao 

Opinion | The U.A.E.-Israel Flight Is Nothing to Celebrate A historic flight and the erasures that comes with blindly (or cynically) celebrating it

After 100 Days of Protest, Writers and Photographers Reflect on What They’ve Witnessed Artists across the country respond to the murder of Mr. Geroge Floyd and the revolutionary moment it has fueled 

Woodward Tapes Reveal Trump to Be the ‘No Lives Matter’ President The careless neglect of the 45th President further exposed

Every Trump Lie Is a Confession The fallacies of the president & their implications on the election

The Sanctuary The rising problems of homelessness and the connection to Minneapolis uprisings.

Empire and Degradation | Rafia Zakaria “On the links between colonialism and sexual control”

Donald Trump Has Declared War on the Climate Movement The dangerous effects of the Trump presidency on the fight for climate justice.

What Salvador Allende Feared Remembering the Democratic-Socialist president of Chile on the anniversary of the US-backed coup that threw Chile into decades of darkness. 

Costs of War Project Facts and figures about the post 9/11 world, and the havoc wrought by  the U.S. war machine.

Whistleblower: ICE Prison Does Hysterectomies at High Rates A nurse confirms that the abuses of ICE include forced sterilization

How to Abolish the Police, According to Josie Duffy Rice How do we ensure justice and safety for everyone? 

Overdose Awareness Day: How Drug Overdoses and White Supremacy Are Linked in the US Why some people are treated for drug abuse and some are not

What White Kids Learn About Race in School 65 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, what do white students know about race and privilege?

Support The NBA Strike, Boycott The Police Three demands for racial justice

Eco–Yogi Slumlords of 1214 Dean Street, Brooklyn A look at the complex nature of NYC gentrification today

Big Oil Is in Trouble. Its Plan: Flood Africa With Plastic. The racist opportunism of the fossil fuel industry and the future of our climate crisis  

Palestinians as ghosts: How Israel’s education system normalizes occupation The erasure of Palestine continues in the history books of Israel 

Coetzee’s Radical Masterpiece “On the Jesus trilogy” 

The problem is white supremacy Why understanding the systemic power of white supremacy is key to imagining a world without it.

A Most Violent Platform | Jacob Silverman Facebook’s enabling of extremism and the inherent violence it unleashes. 

Inventing Nonviolence The politics and philosophies of nonviolence as explored in Judith Butler’s new book.

130 Degrees | by Bill McKibben The global scale of multiple crises caused by climate change .

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