Read in Place: Weeks 8 & 9

As billions of people worldwide have had their lives upturned by the Coronavirus and as hundreds of millions are under shelter in place orders, many are turning towards reading, reflection (and bing streaming/listening) for sustenance.

Suggested Reading/Viewing/Listening  from C & R:
As billions of people worldwide have had their lives upturned by the Coronavirus and as hundreds of millions are under shelter in place orders, many are turning towards reading, reflection (and bing streaming/listening) for sustenance. So we at Call & Response and Pangea World Theater decided it would be worth curating and sharing some of the things we have come across worth diving into. So here it is, an eclectic selection of (mostly reading) materials to inspire, inform, entertain, and hopefully generate meaningful dialogue with those around you and those at a distance.

– C&R

By drawing essential workers, this artist asks how we take care of each other A beautiful collection of images of those folks that don’t have the privilege to stay at home and are making it possible for hundreds of millions of others to do so safely. 

You Don’t Need Invasive Tech for Successful Contact Tracing. Here’s How It Works. An examination of rolling out an efficient and effective contact tracing regime without the Black Mirror vibes.

From Black Death to fatal flu, past pandemics show why people on the margins suffer most The trends we see today are nothing new. The workers, the poor and the marginalized have always paid a higher price during periods of pestilence.

A Global Green New Deal: Into the Portal, Leave No one Behind An insightful conversation between Arundhati Roy and Naomi Klein.

Jared Kushner Had One Job: Solve America’s Supply Crisis. He Helped Private Companies Instead. Hint. He failed again. 

Rent Is Still Due in Kushnerville — ProPublica The widespread calls for lowering or cancelling rent during the pandemic have not been heeded by the Kushner real estate empire.

The Murderous Legacy of Cold War Anticommunism A new book reveals the cold and brutal calculus of Washington’s Cold War policies. 

Imagining a New Future A reflection on students reading African American literature during the pandemic. 

Naguib Mahfouz, The Art of Fiction No. 129 An archived conversation with the great Egyptian novelist and Nobel laureate Nguib Mahfouz.

At The Mercy Of The Courts We know that immigration is a tense topic in the U.S., especially since the 2016 election. What do the courts actually look like? How high are the stakes for those seeking asylum? NPR and Documented walk us through stories of immigration courts happening right now. 

The Jungle and the Pandemic: The Meat Industry, Coronavirus, and an Economy in Crisis The frightening realities of the meat industry and weak policy in the pandemic. 

“The Workers Are Being Sacrificed”: As Cases Mounted, Meatpacker JBS Kept People on Crowded Factory Floors This article draws our awareness to the increasingly widening wealth gap through the story of one family, affected by the spreading of coronavirus in their workplace. 

The Post-Corona World A look into the future and what we can expect when we know that our previous lives are never coming back? How do we build a future worth fighting for?

Pandemic Journal | by Coco Fusco Cubana artist and writer, Coco Fusco, along with a couple dozen or so other writers, takes us through the impacts of the global pandemic in their respective locations.

US Street Medics Look to Revolutionary Cuba for Lessons Amid Crisis Cuba, who 20 years earlier survived Peak Oil and, has had a preventative response to the pandemic. This has led to a very low death count and some inspiring models of solidarity and socialism in the island nation.

Perspective | The answer to the media industry’s woes? Publicly owned newspapers. This article makes a case for shifting the collapsing newspaper industry to a public owned model.

We Can’t Comprehend This Much Sorrow A day by day reflection on the present history being made during the pandemic, with an emphasis on grief and despair- even the hope that presents itself with overwhelming loss. 

A very dangerous government A quick study on the bizarre and brazen 35th government of Israel as it focuses on annexation of occupied Palestinian territories.

Espionage or Journalism? After the Snowden NSA Leaks A window into the life of American Journalist and Snowden collaborator Barton Gellman and the dangers of surveillance.

The Twilight of the Iranian Revolution The story of the context of COVID-19’s arrival in Iran and the repercussions of the virus in the short and long-term.

Naomi Klein: How big tech plans to profit from the pandemic Climate activist Naomi Klien leads us through the plans tech companies plan to profit off the pandemic

The UK government was ready for this pandemic. Until it sabotaged its own system | George Monbiot The shortcoming and missteps to the UK’s COVID-19  response.

Chicago’s Unemployed Rebellion – Rampant A brief history of the Chicago unemployment organizing and its lessons.

Xi Vows China Will Share Vaccine and Gives WHO Full Backing The future of medical information sharing and the international cooperation needed to survive this pandemic

Vijay Prashad on the CoronaShock Imposed Planetary General Strike An interview of Vijay Prashad, Indian historian and journalist, on “Coronashock” and state response to the pandemic.

100,000 crew members stuck on cruise ships after COVID-19 shutdown The scandalous and under-reported story of the lives of thousands of cruise industry crew members stuck at sea- without paychecks or accommodations.

We’re Not All In It Together “COVID-19 serves as a stark reminder of America’s deep, far-reaching economic and race-based inequalities”

“Black Capitalism” From Richard Nixon to Joe Biden Biden reveals a plan toward racial equity- but it proves to be antiquated and keeps capitalism at the forefront of the story.

How Does One Tell the Story of Asian America Jane HU shares vulnerable words about solidarity and identity through her examination of Minor Feelings: An Asain American Reckoning – a new book by Cathy Park Hong 

From crisis to crisis – Why protesters firebomb banks in Lebanon | Middle East & Africa The pandemic induced economic crisis, in Lebanon and beyond. 

For Palestinian rights movement, Biden poses a familiar quandary Palestinian activists have little reason to believe Biden will change his extreme pro-Israel stance, but that’s no reason to give up the fight. 

Free streamings and showings of contemporary Arabic cinema.

A High-Tech Coronavirus Dystopia An in-depth look into Pandemic Shock Doctrine and what some experts like Naomi Klein are calling the Screen New Deal.

Fuck the Bread. The Bread Is Over. Sabrina Orah Mark’s column, Happily, focuses on fairy tales and motherhood. You just have to read it to understand it.

Mike Davis: C’est La Lutte Finale A look forward at the global political economy of COVID-19 by the ever-sharp Mike Davis.

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