Read in Place: Week 6

An eclectic selection of (mostly reading) materials to inspire, inform, entertain, and hopefully generate meaningful dialogue with those around you and those at a distance.

As billions of people worldwide have had their lives upturned by the Coronavirus and as hundreds of millions are under shelter in place orders, many are turning towards reading, reflection (and bing streaming/listening) for sustenance. So we at Call & Response and Pangea World Theater decided it would be worth curating and sharing some of the things we have come across worth diving into. So here it is, an eclectic selection of (mostly reading) materials to inspire, inform, entertain, and hopefully generate meaningful dialogue with those around you and those at a distance. 


Palestinian chef Joudie Kalla shares what she’s cooking while sheltering in place Kalla, a Palestinian chef & author living in the UK, reflects on what cooking looks like during quarantine. 

Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century Amid Coronavirus Crisis With millions unable to pay rent, the state of New York faces the biggest rent strike in modern history. 

Anger and the Politics of the Oppressed Philosophers and social scientists weigh in on the morality of anger and the connection between anger and injustice.

Food is power As we prepare for inevitable food shortages due to the global pandemic, Joe Kobuthi reveals the ways in which imperialism has impacted food production- historically and at present. 

Seattle’s Leaders Let Scientists Take the Lead. New York’s Did Not Charles Duhigg lays out the differences between the East and West Coast government responses to COVID-19.

The Day a Native American Tribe Drove the KKK Out of Town Recovered history shows the way Native American’s stood up to white supremacy in 1950’s North Carolina and won.

Quarantine culture picks from Israel-Palestine and the Middle East +972 Magazine curates a list of worth-watching film from Palestine/ Israel.

One Rich N.Y. Hospital Got Warren Buffett’s Help. This One Got Duct Tape. This article exposes some of the gross inequities of the US healthcare system using New York  hospitals, overrun with COVID-19, as a case study. 

Libya turning into ‘experimental field’ for arms as war heats up -UN Reuters reports on the escalating proxy war in Libya, and the degree to which it has become a tragic and macabre laboratory for the arms industry.

The Rich and the Plague, Then and Now. A medievalist highlights the ways class status play an important role in our response to pandemics, past and present. 

Ecuador Is One of COVID-19’s Hardest-Hit Countries in the World Remezcla reports on Ecuador, one of Latin America’s  COVID-19 epicenters. 

Calling Healthcare Workers War “Heroes” Sets Them Up to Be Sacrificed This article challenges the tendency to idolize healthcare workers instead of giving them the safe working conditions they need and deserve.

The Coronavirus and the Future of Big Tech An interview with Margrethe Vestager, the Commissioner for Competition leading the European Union’s antitrust division, on the pandemic and big tech..

Midnight On The Clock Of The World – An Interview with Robin DG Kelley An interview with Robin Kelley, renown American historian, reflecting on the future of capitalism, jazz, and solidarity during the pandemic. 

[Letter from Washington] No Joe! A reflection on the troubling legacy of Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee. 

“Solidarity Is Not a Market Exchange”: An Interview with Robin D. G. Kelley Another interview with Robin D.G. Kelley that goes deeper into his studies of Thelonius Monk, on solidarity, and Marxism. 

We Need a Multiracial, Working-Class Alignment A case for moving our movement efforts away from neoliberalism and toward a solidarity and equity based system.

‘COVID-19 kills in many ways’: The suicide crisis facing health-care workers A heartbreaking report on the result of stress and danger health-care workers are facing during this pandemic

Intercepted Podcast: Viral Injustice The Intercept podcast discusses the USA’s response to the CoVID-19 pandemic

She Saw Trump Before We Did Kendzior’s new book Hiding in Plain Sight reveals the growing oppressive systems that made the Trump presidency a reality.  

Citizen DJ | Experiments | Work Citizen DJ, a project by Brian Foo invites the public to make hip hop music using the Library’s public audio and moving image collections. 

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