Read in Place: Weeks 3 & 4

As hundreds of millions (if not billions) worldwide are under shelter in place orders, many are turning towards reading/listening and viewing for sustenance. Call & Response shares some suggestions for what to check out online to feed your mind and heart.

As billions of people worldwide have had their lives upturned by the Coronavirus and as hundreds of millions are under shelter in place orders, many are turning towards reading, reflection (and binge streaming/listening) for sustenance. So we at Call & Response and Pangea World Theater decided it would be worth curating and sharing some of the things we have come across worth diving into. So here it is, an eclectic selection of (mostly reading) materials to inspire, inform, entertain, and hopefully generate meaningful dialogue with those around you and those at a distance. 

– C&R

Week 4 & 5:

Holy War: Latin America’s Far Right– Historical reasoning and current descriptions of Latino America’s shift to conservative governments

The Fight and The Fiddle– Award-winning poet Matthew Shenoda reads his poem “Oasis”. The work is accompanied by a critical article on Shenoda’s work.

Capitalism and fundamentalism are interdependent– Through the eyes of Muslim writer, Nawal El Saadawi, we learn about the long standing connection between a capitialist economy and a fundementalist regime. 

Don DeLillo, Ghassan Kanafani, and the coronavirus– Professor Haidar Eid draws lines between the current pandemic, the settler colonialism of Palestine, his home, and two timely novels. 

Barack Obama wins the 2020 Democratic primary– President Barack Obama steps back into public by endorsing his Vice President Joe Biden and claiming to have the power to unite the Democratic party. 

Bernie Sanders’s Most Vocal Supporter Lets Loose– A fiery interview with former Sanders spokesperson Briahna Joy Gray on pushing Biden and the Democratic center to the left.

“These Are Times of Unmaskings”- A Nurse Speaks Out from the Epicenter of the Covid -19 Pandemic in Italy– A touching and personal account from an nurse about life in Lombardy, Italia

The Art of Fiction No. 8– A 1954 interview with Ralph Ellison, author of Invisible Man

Watch Budrus– Award-winning documentary film about saving a Palestinian village with nonviolent protest and solidarity is available for free-streaming until the end of the month.

Milan announces ambitious scheme to reduce car use after lockdown– After witnessing the environmental benefits of social distancing, Milan’s city planners get creative on how to reduce pollution after the distancing ends. 

National Poetry Month Day 18: Zaina Alsous– April is National Poetry Month, Poet Zaina Alsous shares her Day 18 poem Arabidopsis

NYT Opinion: The Dangerous History of Immuneprivilege–  “We’ve seen what happens when people with immunity to a deadly disease are given special treatment. It isn’t pretty.”

Wildlife sound expert on how coronavirus has changed the world we hear– Chris Watson, Professional Wildlife Sound Recordist, invites us to the unique opportunity of hearing into the distance- in your own backyard!

‘El año de la peste’ by Felipe Cazals is a timely Coronavirus parable– The article draws lines between today and the1970’s Mexican film “El año de la peste”, for which the screenplay was written by literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Thousands of Americans backed by rightwing donors gear up for protests– Right wing protesters proclaim their dire need to get hair cuts

America’s Abandonment of Syria– This article details some of the history and current state of U.S. policy towards Syria during the brutal nine year long proxy war/ civil war.

Covid-19 Death Toll: Numbering the Dead– Shannon Pufhal questions the concept of counting lives lost 

We Are Living in a Failed State– This sobering article by George Packer describes the ways in which “the coronavirus didn’t break America. It revealed what was already broken.” 

Haymarket Books hosts this livestreamed May Day poetry reading headlined by poet Aja Monet entitled “Mayday Mayday” (May 1st).

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